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Investment Partnership Platform

We offer investment partnership opportunities in our residential, multifamily and commercial real estate construction & development projects.

Historically, investment opportunities in this asset class has been difficult for average investors to access, with institutional investors having been the primary players in the industry. We make it easy for individuals to partner with us in order to capitalize on the strong real estate market in North Texas and earn strong yields in a proven niche.

Unlike other private investment companies in the industry, we handle every step of the investment partnership, construction & development process in-house via our robust team of designers, architects, project managers & construction crews.

We conduct a detailed examination & assessment of all potential risk elements, ensuring that they are properly managed and mitigated.

Our comprehensive approach to real estate investing ensures that market demand, design & construction, location intelligence, operations management, financial reserves, sound economics and an executable exit strategy are in place before any investment / development project is considered.

We Deliver Value

  • A proven ability to create risk mitigated opportunities

  • Experienced leaders who are deeply entrenched in local markets

  • Secure credit and strong balance sheet supported by Polaron Capital

  • Entrepreneurial approach to opportunities